Pacific Commuter – Commute in style, save $ and go green!

Commuting sucks. I know this very well as I am one of the thousands of people who commute from the Fraser Valley to Vancouver every day for work. The transit system out here is very sparse and inefficient often taking over 2 hours to get home, totally uncool. If there was a way you could ditch your car and travel in style and comfort would you do it? Ladies and gentleman, meet Pacific Commuter.

Pacific Commuter is a new membership based commuter bus offering luxury transportation from Langley and Surrey to Downtown Vancouver and back. You get to your destination in reclining leather seats with tables, free WiFi, lots of leg room and a kitchen and bathroom. All of this is on a state of the art bus that allows you to feel good about your commute because it’s much greener than driving. With free WiFi you can add 2 hours of productive work time to your day instead of sitting in your car accomplishing nothing and stressing out about traffic.

Check out for all the details including Car2Go memberships, Globe and Mail subscriptions and much more! You can also bring your bike with you as it will fit in the compartments usually filled with luggage! Going green in style, that’s cool. Pacific Commuter hits the streets on July 3rd!


Photo credits – Pacific Commuter


One thought on “Pacific Commuter – Commute in style, save $ and go green!

  1. It is worth noting that car2go has cars/parking at all Kwantlen University campuses including the Surrey Campus (Newton) and the Cloverdale Trades Campus.

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