Why are people so ignorant?

Today someone left a comment on our post about our clothing line and stickers referring to the site as “gay”. What year is this? Let me state this clearly for everyone to read and understand. SurreyIsTheBomb.com and I (Scott Graham) do not accept the use of the word gay to describe something in a negative way. The LGBT community is an important part of my city, my country and my personal life. If you are not OK with that please unfollow this blog and it’s related Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Surrey has come a long way in the last ten years but it seems there are still people who want to perpetuate negativity and hate. If someone thought that they were being funny by posting this comment they need to grow up. To anyone in the LGBT community who read the comment I apologize on behalf of Surrey and it’s many amazing residents. I’m leaving the comment up as a reminder to anyone who comes across it that the word gay is not negative.

Rant finished.



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