Bret Taylor – Metal Flake Remix art show

You guys all know Bret Taylor, the super talented artist who designed our logo(s) right? Of course you do! He’s @BretInVancouver on Twitter and his company is Howyadoin Graphics as I’m sure you also know. Bret is having an art show and you should go! The show is Saturday June 16th at 6pm at 210-2075 Yukon street in Vancouver. Ya I know it’s not in Surrey but Bret has been an amazing supporter of and I think that qualifies him for honorary Surrey citizenship.

Bret’s art is awesome, check out some of the pics I stole from his site…(haha!)

Bret’s style is very unique and quite awesome. The event will feature Bret doing a series of paintings on site and he will have a selection of previous works for sale. There will be some snacks and you can bring your own booze!!! Make sure to bring a business card as there will be a draw for one of Bret’s paintings.

I’ll be there and I’d love to see you there too! Grab all the event details here!!


*All Images Copyright Howyadoin Graphics 2012*


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