Off The Wagon Tacos

When I walk up to a food Truck and they’re playing Grizzly Bear I know I’m going home happy. I found Off The Wagon Tacos parked on Dunsmuir and Burrard in their cool little red school bus.  The tunes were pumping, the ladies inside were smiling and the tacos filled the air with with an intoxicating smell.

I had 3 tacos, 2 pork and 1 chorizo. I like the fact that Off The Wagon has such a small menu, they get the chance to do a few items really well and these tacos didn’t disappoint. The chorizo was may favourite, very rich with a little heat. The pork was seasoned well and of high quality and the toppings on all 3 tacos were fresh and paired well with the flavours of the meat. My only quibble is the use of double tortillas. I know that this is the traditional way to serve this type of taco and I know that a lot of other places serve it the same way but I’m not a fan. You end up with way too much tortilla compared to the amount of filling. That’s not to say that the tacos aren’t great because they really are, I’m just anti double tortilla.

Go check them out for yourself near the Bentall Centre or check them out on Facebook, or on Twitter @OffTheTacoWagon.



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