Tasty Indian Bistro

The Scott Road corridor serves as the border between Surrey and North Delta. On almost every block you’ll find an Indian restaurant if not 2 or 3 all with amazing authentic dishes and great people but there’s something missing that would make them appeal to the masses. Tasty Indian Bistro, located at 8295 120th street (Scott Road) which is on the Delta side (damn, could’ve been a Surrey shoutout). offers décor that is stunning and very unexpected.

As you approach the front entrance you can tell this isn’t your usual Indian joint, there’s a large well decorated patio and some very expensive looking polished stone under your feet. Once inside you’re greeted by a modern warm restaurant with dramatic lighting and high quality finishes throughout. Sadly I didn’t stay long because I had ordered take-out but I’ll be back soon to see if the presentation of the food lives up to the décor.

I ordered some plain Jasmine rice, regular naan, garlic nann, some vegetarian samosas, butter chicken and lamb korma. Everything was top shelf, the samosas are just like the ones my high school friends used to bring for lunch back in my Surrey high school days. Both naans were fantastic, the garlic naan was mild enough that it didn’t overpower the bread as is the case in other Indian places. The butter chicken (somewhere Vikram Vij is reading this cursing butter chicken…) was tremendously good, so rich. with a subtle heat that seems to be left out of butter chicken these days. The lamb korma was orgasmic, the lamb was so perfect I cried a little and the sauce is so decadent, it’s a perfect combo. Also my wife “thinks” she doesn’t like lamb so I got to eat it all!

If you like Indian food but want a more upscale dinning experience this is the place for you. The prices are very reasonable and comparable to other less swanky Indian restaurants. Go check them out!



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