Guildford Aquatic Centre Open House

I’ve just returned from an open house held at the Guildford Recreation Centre where plans for the new Guildford Aquatic Centre were displayed to the public for the first time. The Aquatic Centre will be a 75000 square foot addition built on the east side of the existing building along 152nd street.

The plan has an impressive rain water management plan and is situated to take advantage of any future rapid transit expansion along 152nd Street with its curbside placement. It’s great to see forethought going in to a project that anticipates future needs. It’s way too easy to build things based on driving and parking a car, kudos for not following the regular Suburban front loaded parking plan.

The plans call for a full sized lap pool with a movable floor/adjustable depth area, a leisure pool area with a lazy river, swirl pool, tot pool, hot tub, therapeutic pool and water slides.

This project is another by Bing Thom Architects who also designed Surrey’s iconic Central City Tower and City Centre Library. The public open house is a way for them to engage the community and receive feedback about this project, a great way to do business. There has been a lot of thought and care put into the way the facility will be used by seniors and young families and seeing as I have a 2 year old this is great to hear! There was a decent turnout of locals interested in the new Aquatic Centre. I listened in on some of the conversation around the room between residents and project representatives, there were some great questions. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this project, it looks great! Check out the rest of the pictures below!


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