Steamworks bottled beer launch party

Photo credit – Kevin Wu

The life of a blogger is filled with hardships like super fun events and free booze. When the free booze is locally made craft beer you can imagine that my happy meter hits maximum pretty fast. Gastown’s iconic Steamworks Brew Pub has finally decided to bottle its beers and sell them to you to enjoy at home! They’ll be offering their Pilsner and Pale Ale year round in 355ml 6 packs and their seasonal brews, which include Frambozen, Wheat Ale, Heroica Oatmeal Stout and Pumpkin Ale in 650ml bombers.

Photo credit – Kevin Wu

Steamworks put on a great event pairing their beers with small dishes, my favourite was the Frambozen paired with a tiny ice cream cone! Check out and follow them on Twitter @SteamworksBeer to learn more about these terrific local beers. Big thanks to Kevin Wu for the awesome photos, check out his work at and his Flickr page. Also follow him on Twitter @K_Wu!

Photo credit – Kevin Wu
Photo credit – Kevin Wu
Photo credit – Kevin Wu
Photo credit – Kevin Wu







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