White Rock Beach

White Rock Beach is a great place to spend a Sunday in October, especially when it’s sunny and 20 degrees outside. A walk along the strip followed by another walk to the end of the pier and back, a perfect afternoon. White Rock is over flowing with great places to eat, cool little shops and cafes and great spots to take stunning pictures. If you’re there when the tide goes out you can walk for miles on the beach exploring tide pools filled with sea life. You can watch fishermen catch flounders and crab off the pier. There’s so much to see and do.

Uli’s veggie burger
The Uli burger, the best burger in the GVRD


After our walk around we headed to Uli’s for lunch. I’ve written about Uli’s before (Check it out here!) and I still say they have the best burger in Vancouver along with one of the best craft beer menus. This time along with the Uli burger we tried the Mac & Cheese and the Veggie burger. The Mac & Cheese is great, very rich and creamy with a sharp cheddar flavour. The Veggie burger is outstanding, so much so that I would order it for myself even though I love meat more than most things in life. Uli’s menu is mostly gluten free so it’s a great place for folks with a gluten allergy to enjoy great food. Another feather in Uli’s cap is their consistency. Seeing as it was Thanksgiving Sunday Owner Tyson, Chef Ryan and Manager David had all taken the day off yet the food, service and staff were all exactly the same as my last visit. Some of my favourite restaurants are noticeably different when the bosses aren’t around, the food quality and service standards slip, but not Uli’s. Well done guys.

Check out all the pictures we took!


My daughter loves Uli’s too

Mt. Baker

There were lots of Flounders swimming near the pier.
The actual “White Rock”.

My family






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