Take Five Cafe in Gastown

Last Thursday after work I made the short trek over to Take Five Cafe at 62 West Cordova Street in Gastown for the launch of their new menu and evening beverage component- wine and beer!

I had a lapse of  judgement and wore flats for the evening, fully knowing that I’d be on foot for the night.  The short walk from Railtown to Gastown had me soaked and my shoes became their own puddles. As soon as I arrived I was given a glass of wine and all was okay with the world.

Take Five Cafe recently opened it’s tenth cafe, the new Gastown location at the corner of Cordova and Abbott. More formally known for its commitment to great coffee, Take Five Cafe has ventured into the evening culture in Gastown. With a wine list and select beer offerings, Take Five also offers extended hours Tuesday-Saturday until 11pm. I had an opportunity to sample a few of the paninis and wraps, and they were very fresh and tasty. I didn’t get to try the Lamb Panini because it was GONE by the time I got there, so I am assuming that it must have been THAT good. I did, however, get to try the Italian Sausage Panini, the Roasted Vegetable Panini, and the Chicken Fajita Wrap. Near the end of the evening I found the cutest little cup of quinoa salad that you ever did see, and followed up with a S’more Brownie and Tiramisu. Decadent and lovely.

To complete my visit to Take Five Cafe, I ordered a European style or ‘foamy’ cappuccino to keep myself awake for part 2 of the evening, which I ordered at the counter and it was brought to my table. I love the service model of ordering at the counter and items being brought to your table. There is the option to pay at the time of ordering, or you may settle your bill at the end of the night in case you want to enjoy one more glass of wine.

Definitely check out Take Five Cafe in Gastown.

Paninis, and brownies, and wine, oh my

Left to right and top to bottom: brownies, wine by the glass, grilled veggie sandwich, quinoa salad, turkey panini, one of my plates, and tiramisu!


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