Pepsi Throwback!

Is Pepsi made with real sugar better for you? No, no it most certainly is not but it can’t be worse for you than the regular high fructose corn syrup recipe. Health concerns aside I took it upon myself to try this retro cola and see how it compares with regular Pepsi.

Pepsi Throwback
Pepsi Throwback is slightly sweeter than regular Pepsi but the flavour is better, less chemical aftertaste. The sweetness is on par with typical soft drinks which is way to sweet in my opinion. Throwback seems less carbonated than regular Pepsi, and not in a “we didn’t carbonate it as much” kind of way, it’s more of a “this has gone flat” thing. The only time I really drink pop/soda is in highballs so I grabbed a bottle of Bacardi white rum out of the liquor cabinet and mixed up a drink. The flatness was magnified by the rum as was the sweetness. It was so sweet that it was hard to finish but for science sake I poured myself another, it was flat and sweet too.

One thing I really like is the old style logo and colours on the box and cans. Way better than the ugly blue look and overworked logo they currently use.

If you like Pepsi you’ll like this. If you don’t like Pepsi you probably won’t. Case closed



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