– What the hell went wrong?

Surrey, it’s probably the most misunderstood city in Greater Vancouver, maybe even in all of BC. It also happens to be where I live and somewhere I’m proud to call home. Many of you know I had a website called, a little labour of love I used to spread the good things Surrey has to offer and try and counteract the overwhelmingly negative view outsiders have of it. It was chugging along at a manageable pace, I was enjoying exploring my city and then I was approached by a couple from Whalley. They loved the site and wanted me to join them in a new venture they were starting. It was basically going to be what I was already doing but on a larger scale. Full 3 way split of any future profits, sounded good to me!

Well, it wasn’t. It ended very badly and I had basically been used for my connections and tossed aside as they felt they no longer needed me. Looking back it was a blessing in disguise. That website, who I’d love to name but I won’t because they’re the kind of A-holes that would sue, is not doing as well as they had envisioned. There is a reason for this beyond their lack of connections, skill, flair and general sloppiness. The fact is that people from Surrey don’t care about their city.

Now I’ve done it, let the comments fly! It’s true though. There are some great people in Surrey and a lot of them care about this city but they don’t identify themselves as being from Surrey. They, as well as most other people in the lower mainland, feel they are Vancouverites. Surrey doesn’t have an identity aside from being a large suburb of Vancouver. There are people who live in Surrey that trash talk their own city just as much as outsiders do. It’s actually kind of alarming how much hate Surrey residents level upon other parts of Surrey that they deem to be “the bad part of town”.

Surrey is rapidly growing, evolving and maturing but even with a fantastic mayor and some aggressive city planning Surrey will always be on the outside looking in. In recent months I’ve actually considered moving to a community better served by transit and on the other side of the soon to be tolled Port Mann bridge. Surrey is still the bomb to me, but sometimes you see things for what they really are when you get screwed by people who claim to love the same things as you.



3 thoughts on “ – What the hell went wrong?

  1. My wife and I live in Surrey, actually chose to live in Surrey (we can afford to live elsewhere), and LOVE Surrey. We live in one of the older planned neighbourhoods in Surrey and have regular neighbourhood meetings too and actually know and talk to the majority of our 400+ home neighbourhood (St Helen’s Park). Hell, we even have a (hugely outdated) blog about our neck of the woods.

    Whenever people bring up Surrey and trash talk it, we are the first to call them on it. And you know what? A good 80% of people we talk to have never even been to Surrey!! They just join the so-called Surrey bashing along with everybody else.

    Surrey is a much different place than it was in the 70’s and early 80’s, but people can’t see around that. They joke about Whalley and its troubles…yet with a population nearing and soon to be taking over Vancouver, Surrey doesn’t have anywhere near the issues that the Downtown east-side has. And as many, informed people know, Whalley (City Centre) is changing and changing quickly!

    If people don’t actually stand-up and state they are from Surrey, but rather from a suburb of Vancouver, they are part of the problem and things will never change. Same goes for people who shut down blogs and move out of town for the same reasons. 😉

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