Do you own a gun? Do you know anyone who owns a gun? I don’t own a gun but I know people who do. In fact most of those people own more than one. What are they for? Mostly for hunting or going to the shooting range I’m told. I call bullshit. You own those guns because it makes you feel powerful, because killing an animal feeds your ego in a way nothing in your regular everyday life ever could. You tell me guns are safe because you lock them away, because you’re a responsible gun owner. There is no such thing as a responsible gun owner. In 2011 9,369 Americans were killed by guns, that’s 9,369 too many.

In Canada we have more restrictive gun laws which make our numbers much lower as a percentage of population. That’s not good enough. 1 gun death is too many. Today 20 young children, 6 adults and one mentally ill man died in Connecticut. What if this man was unable to purchase or own a gun? Why is it so important to Americans to to protect the Second Amendment, their right to bare arms? Would your life be worse if you couldn’t own a gun? You used to be able to own slaves and you seem to be doing ok without them right? I don’t think things will change with our neighbours down south in my lifetime.  Guns and America are intertwined so tightly that it will take a miracle for change to happen. I guess seeing 20 innocent children gunned down isn’t enough.

Hunters, buy a camera and take wildlife photos. Target shooters, buy a Nintendo Wii.

I await your angry gun loving  responses.



3 thoughts on “Guns…

  1. Scott, your heart’s in the right place but this is just as misinformed as the people crowing about the 2nd amendment.

    There are *plenty* of responsible gun owners. And plenty who enjoy shooting targets for the sport of it.

    There needs to be stricter control on who can buy guns, especially in the US, and there is absolutely no need for anyone to own the types of guns that these nutbars use in these mass shootings.

    But saying all gun owners are irresponsible is only going to alienate anyone you have a chance of convincing of your opinions.

    People can die from drinking too much. Does that mean alcohol should be illegal? Of course not. But maybe a beer funnel that can deliver way more than a person’s body can handle in too short a time isn’t a great idea.

    Should cars be outlawed because they can kill? No. But putting a car with too much power in the hands of the wrong person is a bad idea.

    Guns are no different.

    • Alcohol and cars do kill people but but comparing them to guns is ridiculous. When’s the last time alcohol killed 20 kids? Driving is dangerous too but it’s a mode of transportation, not a weapon made to kill. Shooting for sport is an irrelevant argument. Guns weren’t invented for sport, they were invented to kill people. Any other use they have is trivial.

      Let me throw this at you, one guy tries to sneak a bomb on to a plane in a shoe and now everyone has to remove their shoes at airports. 58 public mass shootings in the US since 1996 and nothing has changed, some of these shootings involved so called hunting riffles registered to hunters not typically associated with murder…


      • So the number of deaths is the key? One senseless death due to alcohol or a car accident isn’t enough to worry about, but 20 because of guns is?

        Shooting for sport is not an irrelevant argument. And there are people who use guns to hunt for food, not just for sport. Or to get rid of animals that are preying on their farm animals. There are lots of reasons to own and use a gun that aren’t just “feeding your ego” and are definitely not trivial.

        They may not apply to someone who lives in the suburbs in Greater Vancouver, but they apply to plenty of people who don’t.

        I get where you’re coming from here and I agree with you up to a point. There is absolutely no reason for any private citizen to own the types of weapons these guys typically use. And there is definitely a need for tighter controls and a hell of a lot more vetting of people who are buying guns.

        I’m Canadian and I don’t understand the attitude of a lot of Americans when it comes to their right to own guns. But I owned a .22 when I was a kid, was a member of a gun club with my dad and have a lot of good memories of learning how to handle that gun properly and become a better shot – shooting at targets.

        I never had any desire to kill an animal and it wasn’t something that made me “feel powerful.” If anything, it did the opposite. If more people had respect for the harm a gun can cause when mishandled, a lot of accidental injuries and deaths could be avoided.

        I agree with the sentiment of what you’re saying here, I just think you’re being extreme and doing exactly the same thing that pisses me off about the gun rights people – painting everybody who has a different opinion than yours with the same brush. Not everybody who owns a gun is some kind of power-hungry, egotistical prick.

        Any more than every blonde who lives in Surrey is some kind of skank who wakes up in a different bed every weekend. A stereotype I suspect you’re familiar with, judging by some of your posts I’ve read 😉

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