Mega Sushi in Steveston

Vancouver is home to some great sushi, we are very spoiled. Venture outside of Vancouver proper and it becomes quite a chore trying to find sushi that lives up to our high standards. Boys and girls, Mega Sushi in Richmond’s beautiful Steveston neighbourhood is right up there with the best downtown sushi joints.

Located at #100-3131 Chatham street it’s a little bit hidden away from the main shops in the heart of Steveston. It’s right at the end of Chatham street before you enter the very lovely Point Gary Park. Mega Sushi has been recomended to me many times by many people and I’m glad to say it totally lived up to the hype. I ordered a Sushi and Sashimi Bento box for lunch which came with a spicy tuna roll, 3 pieces of nigiri, 2 pieces of chicken karage, assorted sashimi, green salad and miso soup (of course).

Miso soup
Miso soup

The miso soup is, well, miso soup. Nothing earth shattering here but it’s good. That being said there are some places that have horrible miso soup so I guess it counts for something. The bento box was outstanding. The spicy tuna roll was amazing, just the right amount of acid and heat, well rolled, perfect rice, fresh fish, awesome. The sashimi was equally awesome, the ebi (shrimp) was the best ebi sashimi I’ve ever had. Raw shrimp gets fishy really fast so if it’s not fresh you’ll know. The nigiri was also fantastic, again the ebi was great as well as the tuna and salmon. The karage was fresh, hot and not greasy at all with nice seasoning in the breading. The salad was nice with just the right amount of miso dressing.

Sushi & sashimi bento box
Sushi & sashimi bento box

Steveston is quickly becoming one of my favourite food neighbourhoods in the GVRD. Make the trip out for lunch or dinner, bundle up and take a winter stroll along the Pacific and support local businesses in this great community!



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