Viva Mexico in Langley

Good, authentic Mexican food is a rarity in the GVRD. To find it in Langley? I was a sceptic going in to Viva Mexico, I’d heard from a lot of people that it was authentic, people who know these sort of things. The decor is…um…kitschy is probably the best way to describe it. It’s like a Mexican stereotype threw up on the walls, ceiling and everywhere else. It works though, it’s in what is considered “Downtown” Langley, on the one way section of Fraser Highway (20505 Fraser Highway #103).

The place wasn’t very busy but it was a Sunday at lunch time in the bible belt, I’m sure most people in the neighbourhood were destroying brunch buffet’s at ABC or The Pantry instead. The service was great but I was one of 3 tables so if it wasn’t there would be some explaining to do. My server brought by some house made chips and salsa which were really good. The tortilla chips were thick and super fresh and the salsa was great with a good amount of onion and cilantro for some bite.

Pork Sopes
Pork Sopes

I ordered Sopes for my main, a fist sized thick tortilla with pinched sides with a base a refried beans. Lettuce, cheese. salsa, sour cream and pork, Mmmmm! They also come with chicken or beef but Mexican pork is tasty tasty. These sopes were pretty legit as far as being authentic and they were very tasty too. One order comes with 4 sopes and some guacamole for just over $10, a tremendous deal as I left feeling VERY full. I really need to learn to take food home with me instead of devouring it all in one sitting.

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican this place has it, and it’s reasonably priced!



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