WFLBC sneak peek. Beast & Brine is coming!

The beast is coming
The beast is coming

Tucked away beside South Surrey’s Fieldstone Artisan Breads is an empty store front with it’s windows papered over. Inside this space the team behind White Rock’s Uli’s Restaurant is creating something amazing. Beast & Brine is coming and it can’t get here soon enough for me.


Specializing in Charcuterie and speciality cheeses, Beast & Brine is like nothing else in the Fraser Valley, in fact it’s the first shop of it’s kind in Greater Vancouver bringing a truly European style Charcuterie shop to the masses.

The team
The team

Cured meats, sausage, pates and more made in house by some of the most talented people I know,  speciality cheeses brought in from Quebec which aren’t available anywhere else in BC and the bacon, oh god the bacon. If you’ve eaten at Uli’s you know about their bacon, soon you’ll be able to buy it and take it home!

The best window in town
The best window in town

The equipment is on it’s way, top of the line stuff. A smokehouse, a Sous Vide kettle,  meat grinders, sausage makers and so much more. Custom coolers, one with a window that faces out to the retail area so everyone can see the product in the making. Add this all to great branding, from the logos to hats and t-shirts, everything with a funky old time feel. The team behind it is a fantastic group of people, if anyone can make this a success it’s them.

Follow their progress on Facebook ( and keep an eye on their website ( which should be launching soon. You should also follow Uli’s renowned chef Ryan Bissell (@chefbissell) and Uli’s Restaurant (@ulis_restaurant) on twitter, they’re the reason this little piece of heaven exists. Opening time is tentatively planned to be the end of January or the beginning of February. Stay tuned for more details.



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