Have you been to a YVR Beer Tweetup? You’re invited!

YVR Beer Tweetup!
YVR Beer Tweetup!

Beer is one of the best social lubricants ever invented. Put a bunch of strangers in a room, add tasty craft beer and voilà, it’s a party! My pals Jonny Evans (@JonnyBeers) and Nick Martin (@VancityBeerGuy) put on a semi regular craft beer meetup, the soon to be internationally famous YVR Beer Tweetup to be precise, and the next one has two awesome things going for it and I think you should come.

Fried chicken at The Park
Fried chicken at The Park

Awesome thing number 1, It’s at The Park at English Bay, a cool new spot that occupies the former home of Checkers at the Best Western Sands Hotel on Davie St. near Denman, seconds from beautiful English Bay. I visited The Park just after it opened and was pretty impressed with the food and beer menus. Check out my review HERE.

Awesome thing number 2, it’s on a FRIDAY! Usually YVR Beer Tweetups are on a non Friday weekday, most often Thursday. To have a venue commit to a Friday is awesome, it means more people will come because they won’t be worried about being zombies on a work day.

You can RSVP on Facebook ( and Like their page while you’re at it) and follow YVR Beer Tweetup on Twitter for the latest updates like who’s coming and what tasty casks will be tapped! I’ll be there, Rochele will be there and you’ll be there too! I said YOU”LL BE THERE TOO! I yelled so now you have to go. Oh and it’s on January 18th…

See you there everyone!



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