152 Street Liquor store, a new Craft Beer hot spot in Surrey!

Craft Beer is really making a surge in terms of availability around the lower mainland. There are lots of restaurants and bars adding  craft beer to their menus every day. Private and government liquor stores are also getting in on the act and the latest addition in my home town of Surrey is 152 Street Liquor Store.

Yay beer!
Yay beer!

Located at 9082 152nd Street in the Price Smart parking lot (just off of 152 st and Fraser Hwy), they’ve just launched a pretty extensive craft beer program, which I found out after Lyndsey went there and brought me home a 6 pack of Philips Hop Circle IPA, which I didn’t know they carried. I’m quite happy to have a liquor store with a good selection of craft beer close to home, I love Central City and Big Ridge but their Liquor Stores are about a 15 – 20 minute drive for me, this is more like 5 minutes!

Why the change? They’re under new management and they’re obviously very intelligent,  ridiculously good  looking people just like all other craft beer fans.

Check out their website 152stliquorstore.com, They aren’t on Twitter or Facebook though, something I’m going to have to talk to them about 🙂



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