Like bacon? I bet you’ve never had it like this

I know you’ve probably heard enough about bacon. It might be the most overused meat in North America at the moment but who can blame us, bacon is delicious. You can find bacon in everything, doughnuts, Martinis, Pancakes, cupcakes, Caesars, cheesecake, the list is endless. Add that to more traditional uses for your favourite little salty strips of pork and you could eat bacon for or with every meal. Should you? Probably not, you wouldn’t want to overload on something so tasty and ruin it for yourself. There’s also the fat and sodium content but everything in moderation, right?

Boom goes the dynamite.
Boom goes the dynamite.

Screw moderation, The Rumpus Room on Main Street (at 11th Ave) has deep fried bacon and it’s ridiculous. Called “sh-BANG!” on the menu, these tempura battered strips of heaven are something that you should try at least once in your life. They come with some tempura battered avocado and some aioli (aka mayo) and hot sauce with a decidedly BBQ flavour for dipping. This is the pinnacle of self destructive excess and I love it.

Book yourself an appointment with a cardiologist if you get addicted, I’d hate to be the cause of your congestive heart failure. While you’re there say hi to the worlds greatest bartender, Mr. Jason Wheeler.



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