Breakfast at Acme Cafe

The Downtown Eastside, a good breakfast and running into old friends. When you get all those things in one place you must be somewhere great! I love the DTES, it has an energy unmatched anywhere else in Vancouver. I know it has its share of troubles but you have to look past the obvious flaws, there’s so much good happening and so many amazing, misunderstood people trying to figure out where they fit into a city that has become completely unaffordable for them. Gentrification is an issue for another post but the restaurant scene in the DTES is growing and quickly becoming the place to be for Vancouver’s food lovers.

Baked egg scramble
Baked egg scramble

Acme Cafe has been around for awhile but this my my first visit and who do I run into? The uber handsome Dylan Redekop, Mr. himself! He was having breakfast with Tiffany (who I also know) and Brad ( who I now know). Small world. I love the look of Acme, an updated version of an old style diner. I ordered the Baked Egg Scramble, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese baked into eggs. The eggs were laying on a bed of shredded red skin potatoes and some sauteed mushrooms (shiitake I believe). Everything was high quality, very fresh and delicious. Even the multi grain toast was great (fresh bread) and the little cup of fruit salad was filled with juicy, firm, fresh fruit.

Acme Cafe is a winner, I’ll definitely be back.



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