Quick bite – Meat and Bread

Meat and Bread is everything that’s good about the Vancouver food scene. It’s fresh, fast, simple, cool, affordable (really) and it’s very good. They’ve been around for a while now but this was somehow my first visit. Meat and Bread has made an appearance on the Food Network’s uber popular show Diners, Drive – Ins and Dives featuring the inexplicably popular Guy Fieri in all of his frosted tip glory. During his visit he tried the Porchetta sandwich and mentioned the pork was “culinary gangster”. Mr. Fieri aside I think everywhere he visited in Vancouver deserves a look and Meat and Bread is as awesome as advertised.

Porchetta goodness
Porchetta goodness

The Porchetta sandwich is pure magic. Salty, but not too salty, tender and crispy at the same time and very fresh. $8 for a sandwich this good is a steal. Porchetta is a new thing to me but I think I might try to make it at home. The rolled up layers of pork (mostly boneless belly), fat, skin and stuffing make for a tasty filling all chopped up and drizzled with salsa verde all tucked inside a fresh ciabatta roll. So good.Porchetta1

Head to Hastings and Cambie st or Pender between Thurlow and Burrard (near Oceanic Plaza) to try it for yourself. If you work downtown it’s a great choice for lunch!

Twitter – @1meatandbread (Cambie) and @2meatandbread (Pender)

Facebook – meat-bread

Web – meatandbread.ca



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