Quick bite – Merchants Oyster Bar

Sometimes life throws you little bonuses, finding Merchants Oyster Bar on Commercial Drive was certainly one of those moments. We had arrived early for dinner at another spot on The Drive and decided to wander down the street and grab a drink somewhere. The sandwich board outside of Merchants drew us in and I’m glad it did.

Bivalve love.
Bivalve love.

We had was 6 oysters and a drink or two as we had less than an hour to kill but wow, what a great little visit. The oysters are shucked to order and are super fresh. We just managed to get in before happy hour was over so the oysters were $1.50 each. There were 3 varieties available so we tried 2 of each, 2 Joyce Point, 2 Read Island and 2 Little Wings. The variations between the 3 varieties were subtle but noticeable and enhanced by the condiments. The perfect condiment combo for me is fresh squeezed lemon and lime, some Tabasco and a touch of horseradish. If you’ve never tried oysters (I know they look a little strange to the non adventurous among us) give them a chance. They’re right up there with fine wine, single malt scotch, Cuban cigars and films with subtitles. These are things that you need to develop an appreciation for but once you have it you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Twitter – @MerchantsVan

Web – merchantsoysterbar.ca



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