Join me this weekend at the 2nd annual Big Red Barn Burner BBQ competition with Team Hogshack!

bbq2This weekend if you head on out to Chilliwack for the Big Red Barn Burner BBQ competition you you can enjoy amazing BBQ from some of the top competition BBQ teams in Canada! Along with great southern slow cooked BBQ you might just meet the handsome dudes from Team Hog Shack! (Not the guy in the suit, fyi)

Hot dudes, tasty meat.
Hot dudes, tasty meat.

There’s 5 categories at this years comp, Chef’s Choice, Pork, Brisket, Chicken, and Ribs. The judges get the best looking bits but the rest is up for grabs if you happen to be in the crowd! Chef’s Choice is 2 pm on Saturday and the rest of the action happens on Sunday between 11 am and 4 pm. Hog Shack Cookhouse co-owner and head chef (aka BBQ savant) John Lim Hing and I plan to improve on our one lonely ribbon for the single competition we entered last year. Wish us luck!

As always you can follow along on Twitter @WFLBC for all the fun times and late night sleeping bag ghost stories you can handle.





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