Boston Pizza – The Pizza Burger

Boston Pizza, it has been in a serious decline the last few years in terms of quality and reputation (in my eyes at least). Even their advertising drives me crazy, finger cooking with Phil and taking shots at people who like good food (Don’t be a foodie). That being said if you have kids you know that BP has an affordable kids menu and offers things like cups with lids that make parents lives easier. After a pretty rough week I headed out for dinner with my daughter and my cousin Kurt and his son and Boston Pizza was an easy choice both location and menu wise for our little ones.

Pizza Burger and Cactus Cut Potatoes
Pizza Burger and Cactus Cut Potatoes

Upon arrival I noticed a big glossy poster for their new “Pizza Burger”. I know I’ve already said that BP’s quality has fallen off quite a bit but this new menu item was too intriguing to ignore. Described as a bacon burger wrapped in a pepperoni pizza it sounded like something a cardiologist would love… so I obviously had to try it.

The goods
The goods

The burger patty is prime rib (grade unknown) and it is wrapped in pizza dough and stuffed with bacon, pepperoni, mozzarella and pizza sauce before being baked. The pizza dough is actual pizza dough, I was concerned it would be more bun-ish. Aside from being pretty greasy and totally unhealthy this thing was really good. I’m as surprised as you are. One thing I’ve always liked at BP is their Cactus Cut potatoes so obviously I had them as a side. The Pizza burger could’ve done without the pickle, lettuce and tomato skewered  on top of it though, it makes sense with the burger part but not the pizza part of the dish.

To sum up, Boston Pizza has made something good and original and for that I salute them.



8 thoughts on “Boston Pizza – The Pizza Burger

  1. I went to BP August 1 to by a large veggie pizza,there was no cheese on it,
    the dough was not cooked at all,we found in the pizza 4or5 piece of green pepper ,no olives,and bacon that looked like dog …. all for the price off
    31.99. Are you guys crazy selling at that
    price,down in Alfred Ontario Canada I
    could have buy 3 large pizza for that price and whit a lot off stuff on it,like bacon strips instead off that dog…. I also bought 16 Chicken wings
    for the price of 19.49 plus tax are you crazy selling at that price they ware good but for that price in my village they sell them at.50 a wing and good I will never go back to BP and not recommended at any one.I went to BP in Rockland Ontario Canada.

    • I went atBP only with a gift card of 50,00 and I had to give the girl 16,00 for my wallet. Very bad experience I know you’re there to make money but please at those price and quality your loosing business .

      • It’s me again 1 large veggie with bacon??? and 16 wings and 1draft wile I was waiting for the order
        TOTAL 66.25 I find its a lot of money for a pizza and some wings

      • Hi Louis,

        I agree BP is overpriced and very inconsistent from restaurant to restaurant. I don’t work for BP and in this write up I was only commenting on the pizza burger. I agree there is much better pizza for a lot less money available pretty much everywhere.

        You should probably just stop going there if you’ve gone more than once and you didn’t like it/thought it was too expensive.

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