Quick bite – Nat’s New York Pizzeria

Pizza is one of those no brainer foods, even bad pizza is pretty good. Every now and then you come across somewhere that does things with pizza that seem crazy but the results are surprisingly good. Nat’s New York Pizzeria has been a Kitsilano institution since 1992 and is a favourite of the local high school lunch crowd. Their pizza is New York style thin(ish) crust pies that are best eaten folded in half. The slices are big, the dough is decent and the ingredients and toppings seem to be of decent quality.

Nat's Pizza

Nat’s usually does a special pizza each day and I happened to be there the day the made a wonderfully unhealthy but obviously amazing mac and cheese pizza with ground beef. This thing weighed about 2.5 pounds and the slice of pepperoni I had along with it was totally unnecessary. The pasta wasn’t dried out as you’d expect it to be after a trip through the oven, the cheese was evenly distributed throughout the pasta and the beef was nestled in a nice layer between the pasta and the light layer of Nat’s own pizza sauce. Was it good? Hell yes. Would I get it again? Absolutely. Should I get it again? Not if I want to live past 40.



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