Target has come to BC! Does it live up to the hype?

Target has arrived
Target has arrived

After buying up a bunch of Zellers stores a few years ago American retail giant Target has opened it’s first few stores here in BC. I woke up a little earlier than normal on this fine Saturday in May to pack up my little girl and head out to see if Candian Target was the same as American Target. My last visit to a Target store south of the border was about 2 years ago but I remember being pleasantly surprised by the brands they carried and blown away by their selection and great prices compared to Walmart among others. I equated Target to being a slightly nicer, slightly more expensive Walmart with way cooler stuff.

Shiny and new
Shiny and new

Flash forward to today. Hayley and I pulled into the parking lot at Willowbrook Mall in Langley where one of the new Target stores had just opened up 3 days ago. The lot was very full as I’m sure lots of folks were just as curious about Target as I was. The Willowbrook store is a lot smaller than the Coquitlam Centre store but is still a decent size. I found the aisles quite cramped especially if there were two shopping carts passing one another. The carts are oddly wide at the back end making them difficult to maneuver in tight aisles.

Hayley in her luxuriously wide shopping cart
Hayley in her luxuriously wide shopping cart

The selection at this particular store seemed quite lacking. There wasn’t the “cool stuff” I remember from the Target in Bellingham. The selection is absolutely abysmal if you happen to be a guy. The menswear section is tiny. It seems like a complete afterthought. To be honest I had a hard time finding it at all… The electronics section was well laid out and had a nice Apple display up front with the usual wall of flat screens at the back. The housewares section is fairly large and the selection is pretty good. The one area of the store I thought was above average was the Kitchen department. Large selection of knives, utensils, place settings, small appliances etc.

Craft beer glass set $24.99 - the same price as Sears
Craft beer glass set $24.99 – the same price as Sears

The prices seemed about average, I bought some Tide laundry detergent “pods” – $18.59 for a 62 pack ($19.97 for a 72 pack or $16.97 for a 57 pack at Walmart). A Chef’s Choice knife sharpener set me back $9.99 (the same price at ). I also picked up some super sexy Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs, a 4 packs for $16.99 ($17.94 at Old Navy, I couldn’t find another retailer that listed the price online). I bought Hayley a toy because she behaved herself – a Daisy and Pluto figure pack for $9.99 (the same price as Toys r Us)

I expected more. Target is still a slightly nicer, slightly more expensive (not by much) version of Walmart but the selection is lacking.



One thought on “Target has come to BC! Does it live up to the hype?

  1. Your Target review is on…”Target”. I also checked out the new Coquitlam store yesterday and i found it to a very dull, nothing special experience. The prices were nothing to go rushing over to check out, the store inside looked clean but sterile and very bland. Also, for some reason, i was expecting something much better from my memories of checking out Target in Bellingham , Wash. about 17 years ago. The Bellingham store was more interesting to go thru back then…this canadian Target is some watered down, hyped up -mostly over priced canadian content crap fest. The men’s clothing section was tiny and lackluster ….it was as boring as Zeller’s men’s clothing section, except Zellers was twice the area . Only good thing i see coming from Target as time goes by is that it makes Walmart and other american chains here or coming more likely to compete for our dollars as a healthy competition war heats up.

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