Quick Bite – Taco Shack in Kitsilano

Mmmmm tacos, we all love them. Authentic Mexican, American Tex-Mex and even fast food, it’s hard to beat a taco. There’s a little place in Kits at 1930 Cornwall street between Cypress and Walnut called Taco Shack that leans towards the California style side of the fence. Guess what, it’s good.

Giant burrito!
Giant burrito!

I’ve been to Taco Shack twice in the last 2 weeks and was able to try 3 kinds of tacos and a burrito plus some delicious Mexican cola. The burrito I tried was a HUGE shredded steak burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. Think Taco Del Mar but actually good. Stuffed full of steak, rice, corn salsa and everything else I could see on the menu this burrito is a mess but is totally worth it.

Tacos, so hot right now. Tacos.
Tacos, so hot right now. Tacos.

The tacos are even better. 3 tacos for $8.50 and you’ll leave full, very full. Double corn tortillas so you can fan them out to wrap the generous fillings, fresh ingredients, high quality meats, perfectly seasoned.  I tried steak, pork and chicken and there’s also fish and grilled vegetables to choose from. Delicious.


Make sure you wash it all down with a Jarritos Mexican Cola which tastes like it’s made with real sugar, what a concept.

I’d point you towards their website/Twitter/Facebook but as far as I can tell they’re off the grid. Kind of unique in today’s super connected world.



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