Vij’s Railway Express nominated for Air Canada Enroute award.

Every year Air Canada picks the best restaurants in Canada through its in flight magazine, Enroute. This year there was a surprise in the “Best New Restaurant” category, a food truck! Vancouver’s own Vij’s Railway Express is the only food truck to ever make this prestigious list and it shows the impact that food trucks are having on Vancouver’s food scene. The truck was created by Vancouver based award winning chef Vikram Vij and is amongst seven restaurants nominated from Vancouver.

“I am really honoured that our Vij’s Railway Express has been chosen as one of the top dining experiences in Canada,” says  Vij, who owns two restaurants in Vancouver Vij’s Restaurant and Vij’s Rangoli. “As the only mobile restaurant to be nominated within the contest, we are up against some tough competition, but know that our home cooked quality style of Indian cooking is very unique.” He also notes that “we consider ourselves as more of a mobile catering service, as we provide food for many corporate and private events around the city, as a way of bringing the Vij’s hospitality to the streets”.

I’m a huge fan of Vikram Vij and Vij’s Railway Express is the real deal. Does it deserve to be in the same league as brick and mortar restaurants? Yes, it most certainly does. You can vote for Vij’s Railway Express at for the rest of the week, let’s get them into the top 10 so they get featured in the magazine!!

If you ever thought that running a food truck was something you wanted to try, give my pals at Gourmet Syndicate a call, they’re the heart that beats inside Vij’s Railway Express and The Roaming Dragon, quality stuff.

Vote now and vote often! Vij’s for the win!



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