Vancouver’s own Bodhi Jones new album “Bones” available NOW!

Bodhi Jones is back. The last time we had a new album from this talented local singer/songwriter was back in 2010 with “Where Does The Time Go”, which I still listen to often. Bodhi is taking part in this years Peak Performance Project on 102.7 The Peak, it’s his 3rd time in the competition and everyone who knows Bodhi is hoping for big things this year!


I first met Bodhi in 2011 when I was organizing Andrewpalooza to raise money for a friend dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. I asked Bodhi if he wanted to play at the Red Room for the event and he immediately said yes, he helped secure other talent and even helped persuade the lovely Carmen Cruz to host. Bodhi is a great guy, truly my brother from another mother. Here’s the video for the first single off Bones – Drink Like the World’s Gonna End.

Head over to and check out Bodhi’s page. Make sure The Peak knows WE LOVE BODHI!

Bones is available on iTunes and you can catch Bodhi live at St. James Hall on September 6th for the official Bones release party, get your tickets HERE.

Twitter – @bodhijones

Facebook – BodhiJones

Youtube – Bodhi Jones

Instagram – bodhijones

Interwebzzzz –

Good luck man!!



2 thoughts on “Vancouver’s own Bodhi Jones new album “Bones” available NOW!

  1. Thanks to the lovely Ms Sharon Robinson, who introduced me to your music Bodhi. You are incredible. I can’t get your tunes out of my head.

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