2013 BBQ on the Bypass sample schedule and tips for visitors.


BBQ on the Bypass is tomorrow, Sunday September 15th, at 20771 Langley Bypass. Brought to you by the amazing Angie Quaale and her team at Well Seasoned, This is the 7th annual BBQ on the Bypass which also hosts the Great BC Bake Off. I’ll be on site with Team Hog Shack rubbing pork butts and making sure John Lim Hing has someone to talk to (that pretty much sums up my role haha). If you’re planning on coming down and want to sample some great BBQ I’ve put together a schedule and some tips!


The turn-in times for the teams coincide with the times that the public can sample food. Each team will submit their best stuff to the judges and whatever is left over is put in sample cups for you to try. Here’s the schedule for Sunday’s turn-ins ;

11am – Pork

12pm – Brisket

1pm – Chicken

2pm – Ribs

The samples coincide with the turn-in times so if you’re there at 12 you’ll get brisket, if you’re there at 2 you’ll get ribs etc. Remember that the teams have been up all night and the samples aren’t unlimited so please be understanding if we run out quickly. There will be live music and other food vendors on hand if you’d like to buy food in between turn-ins.

Parking is tough for visitors so car pool! Make sure you check out Well Seasoned while you’re there, it’s awesome.



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