The semi occasional weekly rant – episode 2. Team 1040 morning show

If you follow me on Twitter or know me in real life you already know where I stand on the recent changes that Vancouver’s sports radio station, The Team 1040, has made to it’s morning show. Mr. Team, in all of his wisdom, decided to shuffle long time morning show host Scott Rintoul to the night shift and let go of some talented people (Paul Debron, Joe Leary) to make room for a “Big Name” in Vancouver radio. Jake Edwards has been a part of Vancouver radio for a VERY long time. He’s a misogynist loudmouth douchebag who appeals to the lowest common denominator and recycles 20+ year old material (The Champ).

Bro Jake. Photo credit -
Bro Jake. Photo credit –

Bringing in Bro Jake was reason enough for me to find another morning radio routine, but it got worse. Another polarizing Vancouver radio personality, Dave Pratt, was announced as Bro Jake’s sidekick. Pratt is most famous for being a plagiarist while he was writing a column for The Province and having as on air blowup with Team 1040 superstar Don Taylor about whether poker was a sport or not. Pratt thinks it is FYI, here’s the embarrassing audio. Pratt left the Team 1040 over a contract dispute where he tried to play hardball over his salary and found out the hard way he wasn’t worth what he thought he was.

Photo credit - The
Photo credit – The

I have been boycotting the Team’s morning show since The Bro Jake show launched on September 9th but last week I cracked. I like hearing sports news in the morning, not having it is like not having coffee. I loved the old morning show, Scotty was the glue holding all the personalities together. Paul Chapman brought strong opinions backed up by real sports knowledge, Jason Botchford, who left the show a few months ago, was the controversial trigger man that got the listeners worked up with his cut and dry delivery of his take on Vancouver sports. Paul Debron produced some of the best intros Vancouver radio has ever heard and his occasional foray into an on air role produced some of the funniest moments I’ve ever heard on Radio, namely his Friday Top 6 feature. Above all else they were all sports guys who knew what they were talking about.

Fast forward to early last week. On my way to work I decided to give the new show a shot. You know what I heard? Fart jokes, The Champ (which has never been funny, ever), Justin Bieber stories, Bro Jake talking about having a nooner with his wife, Dave Pratt blindly agreeing with Bro Jake because I’m sure he’s a little gun shy being back at a station that let him walk not that long ago. The guests were a joke, the whole show is a joke.

If I wanted to hear “Shock Jock” radio there are other stations in this city I would listen to, I listen to The Team for sports but as it stands right now they aren’t a sports radio station until 10am when Matt Sekeres and Blake Price take over.

This might be the biggest bonehead move in Vancouver radio history, I’d love to hear what you think, leave a comment below.



13 thoughts on “The semi occasional weekly rant – episode 2. Team 1040 morning show

  1. 10 am and onward is now the only times I’ll listen. I really don’t mind Pratt, but Bro Jake is an embarrassment. Certainly not a role model for anyone who wants to start in sports radio.

  2. This show is straight out of 1990 (can you say LG Morning Zoo). I’ve been a regular morning show listener since the days when they tried Bill Courage and John Conners in the mornings but I can no longer tune in. It’s just not funny or entertaining to me and I’m 42 years old…I can’t imagine what the 25-30 year old crowd think. Sorry team but you really need to update the “comedy” if it’s going to work for me. Please retire the champ bit it’s just too “lowbrow”. Here’s a telling piece of info. I know that Alarm Force, Sandler Training and West coast Auto Group have been active advertisers for past morning shows but I have no idea who advertises on the Bro Jake show because I can’t stay interested long enough.

  3. I was never a fan of Rintoul in the morning. I don’t feel he was nearly strong enough to carry a show. I did enjoy Ray Ferraro as he is knowledgeable,obviously, due to his hockey background, and also honest and outspoken as opposed to a lot of other ex hockey players. BUT, this new show is very,’non-sports talk! ‘
    Jake is not a sports guy. Has the knowledge of a very limited ‘sports fan’ on the street. And Pratt? Terrible! Always has been. If I hear him say one more time, ” I get it”, “I get that” etc…..well I will slap him silly. Anyone who feels they have to keep telling you they ” get it” , well, they obviously don’t. Gong this show ASAP!

  4. NO, NO, NO! The show is a train wreck!
    I was a fan of the Bro Jake Show on 101. I did not always like the older stuff and the champ was and always will be outdated boring rubbish. I have met Jake Edwards and he seems to be a decent guy in the real world. I wanted the show to work. I felt Jake got a raw deal at 101 and really hoped that this would work for him.
    Three words…. IT DOES NOT!!!
    The have no chemistry together, the jokes are terrible, Jake clearly does not know sports, Dave is still not worth whatever they are paying him and the Champ is pathetic. I gave it 2 months and I tried to like it, I really did. It just is not possible though. I find myself embarrassed for them.

  5. The champ is just silly and uninteresting but what really bothers me is the hard on that Dave Pratt still has for that has-been loser Tiger Woods. I guess that Tiger Woods reminds Pratt of his first Thai boyfriend who left him for a ladyboy.

  6. Now that Bell has completely filtered Scotty out, Edwards must have something on someone, his stumbling around with his lack of sports knowledge and continues to embarrass himself, Edwards is a complete phony, as far as we are concerned sports on 1040 starts at 10AM

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