Menu tasting at Cache Bistro

Cache Bistro and Lounge in the heart of Yaletown is the debut restaurant of Hong Kong born chef Alex Mok. Chef Mok boasts an impressive resume including learning under Chef Herves Martin, the once private chef to the late King Leopold of Belgium. Chef Mok’s technique is classically French complimented by Asian flavours and locally sourced ingredients. I was invited to try a few dishes from their new menu and guess what… It’s really good!


House made bread and butter
House made bread and butter

First up was a nice plate of house made bread with 2 house made butters, a truffle butter and a peanut butter infused butter. The bread was good and the butters were nice as well, especially the peanut butter butter.

"Paris plate"
“Paris plate”
Xfour Classic Martini
Xfour Classic Martini


Next up was the Paris Plate, a lovely charcuterie board with thinly sliced sausage from Oyama, a very intensely flavoured foie gras mouse, pickled vegetables, mixed olives, onion jam and some walnuts, All of this wonderfulness (which is totally a word) was paired with a classic Martini with a twist made with Xfour Vodka which is made in Vernon.

Aldergrove Mok Ribs
Aldergrove Mok Ribs

I sampled 2 mains, first up was Aldergrove Mok Ribs. A full rack of pork back ribs with Chef Mok’s secret BBQ sauce and a red cabbage slaw. The ribs were incredibly tender and the BBQ sauce had a nice Asian twist with some hoisin sauce and a few other Asian flavours blending nicely with the rich BBQ flavours. The ribs were paired with a 2011 Le Vieux Pin Syrah Cuvee Violette.

Peace Country Lamb Chop
Peace Country Lamb Chop

The second main was my favourite dish of the night, Peace Country lamb chop with roasted house made fennel lamb sausage and a navy bean ragout. The lamb was perfectly in that magical zone between medium rare and medium and had a nice salty crust. The lamb sausage was rich with flavour and had a nice firm texture, very impressive for a house made sausage. The beans still had some firmness as well which is just fine with me, mushy beans are gross. This delightful dish was paired with Church and State Cab Franc, I’m not a wine expert by any definition but this wine is terrific.

Cache S'more
Cache S’more

Last but certainly not least was dessert, the Cache S’more. Croissant bread pudding, chocolate ganache and house made coconut marshmallow baked to perfection. The coconut marshmallow was perfect and proves once again that it’s not the taste of coconut I dislike, it’s the texture. The plating of this dish was quite lovely with an artistic dusting of powdered chocolate with the outline of a fork in it. It was so pretty the picture you see here was featured at Gastropost Vancouver.

Cache is the real deal, go see for yourself.

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Thanks to Cache and co for inviting me out and feeding me some fantastic food.





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