What’s new at Surrey’s fabulous Tap Restaurant

It always makes me smile when I mention Tap Restaurant in conversation with someone who lives outside of Surrey. When I start describing Tap the envy washes over them, it’s a hidden gem in every sense. I first wrote about Tap WAY back in January of 2012 and it’s been one of my favourites ever since. Tap had a little get together recently to promote some new things they’re doing and they were nice enough to invite me out to see what they’re up to.


The night was filled with delicious tapas paired with exceptional wines. The tapas were some of the items featured in their Events Package which is really great for anyone looking to have an event in Surrey who wants something nicer than a pub or community hall, the usual options. They are experts in planning and executing special events like weddings, rehearsal dinners, corporate dinners, fundraising, bridal & baby showers and they even offer in home dinner parties.

Tap is a great room with a warm, inviting atmosphere tucked away in quiet suburbia. A true oasis in a desert of chain restaurants. If you’d like to know more about Tap’s Event Program give them a call at 604-536-1954 or shoot them an email at taprestaurant@gmail.com

I’m going to post all the pictures of my tapas now so you can drool and wish they weren’t just pictures on a computer screen. Enjoy!

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Twitter – @TapRestaurant

Facebook – Tap Restaurant

Internets – taprestaurant.ca



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