Who is WFLBC?

I posted a picture of myself on Instagram/Twitter the other day and got some pretty funny responses. My favourite was “the man behind the tweets. It’s like seeing the wiz of Oz!” from Coralie on Twitter. I guess it never occurred to me that people wanted to know about me as well as whatever I happen to be writing about. Well, let’s fix that.


I’m Scott, I’m pretty sure most of you know my name but just in case. I was born in Edmonton, spent a few years in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, as a kid and I’ve lived in Surrey BC since early 1988. I went to Elmcrest Elementary in Mississauga, T.E. Scott Elementary and Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey. I have a sister who lives in Cloverdale with her husband and their 2 amazing kids and I still live within 10 minutes of my mom and dad.


I think a lot of you know about my daughter Hayley because a lot of the things I do are somehow related to her. She has Cerebral Palsy and I try to incorporate fundraising for various charities that benefit children’s organizations into any events I have. She is my hero and is the strongest person I’ve ever known.

I'm also follicly challenged.
I’m also follicly challenged.

I started this blog back in May of 2010 after Hayley came home from the hospital, she was 3 and a half months premature so she was in there for awhile. During that time I ate exclusively at restaurants and talking about them was the only normal thing that allowed me to think about something other than the hospital and whether or not my daughter was ever going to come home. The blog has evolved since the early days, It used to be called What’s For Lunch BC and was really only about what I ate for lunch. That got old pretty fast. These days I mostly write about food and adult beverages with some local politics and the occasional rant thrown in for fun.

I live here.
I live here.

I have a real job that is always a big shock to everyone that I meet. Most bloggers are Social Media pros, Graphic designers etc. Generally more white collar or arts related where as I fix elevators from Monday to Friday. It usually takes me awhile to get all the dirt out from under my fingernails before I attend an event but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My job is as interesting and amazing as it sounds and that’s all I have to say about that.

Sometimes I drink beer and this happens
Sometimes I drink beer and this happens

I am a Craft Beer enthusiast and I love Scotch. Islay single malts are my jam but I’ve been known to wander styles and even countries. Japan is making some amazing “Scotch” at the moment. I love bacon, I don’t like avocados or coconut although with coconut it’s the texture I don’t like, not the taste.

I love sports, Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Golf, Motorsports. I’m an Oilers fan (feel free to unfollow me), a Seahawks and Patriots fan and a Whitecaps FC fan. I played Hockey and Lacrosse growing up and I am a HUGE believer that kids should play sports.

I had no idea that this would ever be anything more than an outlet for my random thoughts about food. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and gained many new friends because of this blog. Thanks for spending a few minutes every now and then reading about my adventures.



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