What happens when blogs die.

Today I read that one of my favourite blogs was shutting down. More Than A Feeling Music is curated by my friend Dylan Redekop. I’ve known Dylan for over 10 years, we met working for Home Depot in Abbotsford. I lost touch with Dylan after he left for other work and I had moved to a store closer to home. The magic of social media reunited us in 2010 and his blog inspired me to start this blog. This made me consider the lifespan of this blog and how long I intend to keep it going. I certainly don’t do it for the money as there is none. The perks are nice but in most cases I would still review places without being comped. I find it uncomfortable to receive a bill with nothing or very little on it when the staff have worked just as hard to serve me as they would for anyone else. Big tips balance out my karma, at least I hope they do.

My weekday version of creativity
My weekday version of creativity

This is going to be slightly hard to follow but try and stay with me. I often lament my job. Sure, I get paid very well to do what I do and I think I’m pretty good at it. That being said I feel I’m a fairly creative person. Being an elevator mechanic there is little room for creativity. My trade demands concentration and a commitment to quality and safety that make me proud of the work I do everyday. This blog offers me an outlet for that creativity and I find myself longing for more. New photography projects, new social clubs, new charitable projects, it’s just my way of throwing creativity at the wall and seeing what sticks.

These are not the hands of privilege.
These are not the hands of privilege.

Then something happens that makes me appreciate the blue collar skills I possess. Today my dishwasher broke. It wouldn’t drain and filled up with water which proceeded to leak out onto the floor. Most people I know would be helpless and would need a plumber to fix it costing them lost time and money. I don’t have to call anyone. I took off the covers at the bottom of the dishwasher and after some investigating found that the solenoid that opens the drain was binding. Over time it had rotated slightly putting sideways load onto the shaft. A quick adjustment and some loctite fixed it right up.

This is what I do, it's so much more than a hobby.
This is what I do, it’s so much more than a hobby.

What the hell does that have to do with a blog shutting down? Nothing, as far as I know blogs just “exist” after they are left for dead. I know that when it’s time to put WFLBC into mothballs I’ll have lots of great memories, slightly higher cholesterol, and the peace of mind that in the end it’s just a hobby. I’ll be more than happy turning my wrenches and picking the dirt out from under my fingernails everyday. The only thing that matters is my family and when it’s time to go I will have no regrets.

The only thing that truly matters.
The only thing that truly matters.



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