Disappearing Vancouver – Glen Valley’s river bank surprise

Glen Valley Regional Park is located on River Road in Langley/Abbotsford between 272nd Street and the dead end of River Road just east of Bradner Road. There’s lots to see and do at the parks 3 popular sand bars, Two Bit Bar, Poplar Bar and the seasonal Duncan Bar. Fishing, hiking, the historic Hassall House from 1917. These are all great but there is a hidden gem just out of sight that not many people know about unless you’re a local. Along the banks of the Fraser River there are dozens of old cars sitting, and in some cases embedded, into the dirt and clay. I haven’t been able to find the reason they’re here but one would assume it was for road fill, riverbank stabilization, or they were just dumped. If anyone knows more please let me know in the comments below.


Cars ranging from the 20’s/30’s up to the late 60’s pack the shoreline from just east of Two Bit Bar to just west of Poplar Bar, they may go farther but I didn’t have time to investigate and Chuck Taylor’s are not proper footwear for a river bank walkabout. I visited this place a decade ago on a motorcycle trip with my friend Doug and the cars were much more prominent. There have been some floods in the Glen Valley area since then and I’m sure these cars won’t be there forever. Check out the rest of the photos I took and the map at the end of this post.

This looks like a mid 60’s Porsche 911 to me.
This old metal dashboard still has the instrument cluster housing.
This is a complete frame with some of the front suspension still intact.
There’s still some chrome on this one. Most others have been picked over by scavengers.
Smallish front door off something European? Maybe, or it could be the back door of a 30’s/40’s American car.
A big pile of steel. Notice the oven on the right.
An old pick-up truck box.
This was the only steering wheel I found.

If you want to go check out Glen Valley Regional Park here’s a handy map.




One thought on “Disappearing Vancouver – Glen Valley’s river bank surprise

  1. You hit the nail on the head, the car’s we’re put there for river bank erosion. My mom grew up on a cattle farm across the road from Glen Valley park and she remembers when the car’s were put there (1960’s). She said a lot of them we’re really nice at the time.
    If you know where to look, there’s car’s along the bank almost all the way to the Port Mann.

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