Booze Reviews – Red Racer ISA from Central City Brewers and Distillers

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a craft beer review. There’s been al lot of talk about craft beer and alcoholism lately and it’s a topic worth exploring. Check out this post by Miles Liebtag from that set the Twitterverse on fire last month. Then local beer blogger extraordinaire Chuck Hallett broke it down even further by showing how much alcohol you are consuming drinking craft in comparison to macro beer in a post on his blog . My bet is session beers, great beer with lower alcohol content, will be the next trend. Let’s check out a new player in the session beer game, Red Racer ISA (India Session Ale) from Central City Brewers and Distillers.

Red Racer ISA

The beer pours a crystal clear golden colour with a pure white head. I’ve had it at the tasting room on draught and from a can and I prefer it in the can (zing!). There’s a nice citrus hop aroma from the Mosaic hops along with some straw notes. It has a slightly sweet taste along with a mild hop bitterness. I really like this beer. 40ibu, 4% abv, and 120 calories. Do the Crossfit people know about this yet?

I’ve struggled with the amount I drink all in the name of being “part of the scene”. Session beers are a godsend and I hope it catches on. I’m a little tired of hearing people talk about “responsible consumption” one minute and seeing them falling off a bar stool at a cask-fest an hour later.





2 thoughts on “Booze Reviews – Red Racer ISA from Central City Brewers and Distillers

  1. This pair’s fantastically with spicy food, much better when consumed with a snack or meal. Full Sail has a wonderful Session Dark Lager available mostly in the USA that makes another healthier, but still flavourful craft beer. Wish it was available on taps around the lower mainland. I think Session beers will go over well with restaurants and bars because they can sell more of it and make a bit more cash from them while having less problems with drunken behaviour. Maybe Driftwood will eventually come out with Not So Fat Tug as an ISA in the future????

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