What’s your favourite building in Vancouver?

Do you have a favourite building in Vancouver or the GRVD? Tell us what it is! Over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring Vancouver taking pictures of my favourites and sharing a little history about the building, the previous building that occupied that space, or whatever interesting facts I can dig up. If you have a favourite that you’d like me to explore leave me some info in the comments section or send me something at wflbcscott@gmail.com.

The Woodwards Building.
The Woodwards Building.

Info I’d like – Building name, address, and why you love it. During this time my Where In Vancouver Instagram adventures will be going on hiatus until I’ve finished this project.

Here’s some of what you can expect. Make sure to follow me on Instagram as this will be a non blog post project, Twitter/Instagram/WFLBC Facebook Page only. I’m planning on having a few guest photographers join me, let me know if you’re interested!

Emery Barnes Park and parts of Yaletown
Emery Barnes Park
West Cordova from Waterfront Centre
The Marine Building and The Guinness Tower along West Cordova street.
Towrds the DTES from HSBC
Harbour Centre, Granville Square, PWC Place, and various other office buildings.
VPL Central Branch
The VPL Main Branch.
The Vancouver Block
The Vancouver Block.
The West End from The Maritime Museum
The West End at dusk.
Trump Tower construction
The Trump Tower under construction.
The Qube
The Qube.
The Planetarium
H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.
The Marine Building
The Marine Building.
The Landmark Hotel from The Melville
The Landmark Hotel.
The Electra
The Electra.
The DTES from DVS
The Woodwards building.
Scotia and TD tower from HGR
The TD Tower and Scotia Tower.
Shangri-la from One Wall
Still Creek
High rises along Still Creek in Burnaby.
Sunrise from HGR
The DTES under the rising sun.
Telus Gardens construction
Telus Gardens under construction.
The Convention Centre
The Convention Centre.
Science World and False Creek from Espana B
Science World.
Rooftops on Dunsmiur
Rooftops at Howe and Dunsmiur.
Robson Square from HSBC 2
Robson Square and the VAG from above.
Rasty shack on Granville Island
A run down shack on Granville Island.
Metrotown and Mount Baker from HGR
Mount Baker and Metrotown as seen from the heart of Vancouver.
MNP Tower construction from The Melville
The MPN Tower rising in the morning sun.
One Wall though cherry blossoms
One Wall seen through cherry blossoms.
Patina in the fog
Patina in the fog.
Port of Vancouver from undernaether 200 Granville
Port of Vancouver from West Waterfront Road.
Looking south west from Waterfront Centre
Jameson House
Looking NW from Electric Ave
A few of my favourites in one shot.
Looking north west from the dome of the Sun Tower
The Harbour Centre seen from a top secret location.
Infifity Towers
The Infinity Towers in Surrey.
Hudson's Bay Company
The Hudson’s Bay Company.
Harbour Centre at night
The Harbour Centre from below.
Harbour Centre from 200 Granville
The Harbour Centre.
HGR and HSBC from Hornby
The Hotel Georgia Residences and the HSBC building.
Highrises on West Georgia from The Melville
Office towers on West Georgia.
Highway 1 from Lougheed Mall area
Highway 1, the Port Mann Bridge, and Surrey’s City Centre from Lougheed and Austin.
Hotel Vancouver relected in the TD Tower
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver reflected in the TD Tower.
Gastown at night
Gastown at night.
False Creek from One Wall
False Creek and the Granville Bridge.
False Creek from Habitat Island
Yaletown from Habitat Island.
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver from HSBC
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver bathed in light from Cathedral Place.
Downtown-Central Van from One Wall
Lots of my favourites in one picture.
English Bay from One Wall
English Bay and the West End
Dawn from HSBC
The Port of Vancouver at dusk.
Central City and Library
The Central City Tower and the SPL Main Branch.
Central City
The Central City Tower in Surrey.
Cerry Blossoms and The Electra
The Electra hiding behind cherry blossoms.
BC Place
BC Place.
BC Place from One Wall
BC Place with Metrotown in the distance.
BC PLace and Scotia Tower from HGR
The Scotia Tower, VPL Main Branch and BC Place.
Alex Fraser Bridge durting SF Perimeter Road construction
The Alex Fraser Bridge as seen from underneath the new South Fraser Perimeter Road.
1500 West Georgia
1500 West Georgia, a very under rated building, quite stunning in my opinion.
1075 West Georgia
1075 West Georgia aka The Concrete Waffle
200 Granville aka Granville Square
200 Granville in the morning fog.
West Georgia from Georgian Towers
West Georgia street.
The waterfall at Waterfront Centre
The Water Fountain at Waterfront Centre

Sabatino’s Trattoria Menu Tasting

I was recently invited to Sabatino’s Trattoria in South Surrey to sample some dishes from their new menu. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a menu tasting as I’ve been blogging less and exploring Vancouver with my camera more these days but it was nice to be back in the game. I was joined by May and Dennis of pangcouver.com and Sherman from shermansfoodadventures.com, good company indeed.

Gamberi Napoli
Gamberi Napoli

We were treated to Gamberi Napoli as an amuse bouche, Tiger prawn flambéed in Pernod with garlic, grape tomato, onion and basil. There was a very slight hint of licorice from the Pernod and the prawn balanced well with the tomato and onion. A little more seasoning would’ve made this a home run but it was still quite nice.

Barbabietola Arrosto
Barbabietola Arrosto

Next up was the Barbabietola Arrosto, a lovely roasted beet salad. Roasted beets, goat cheese, tomato, and roasted walnuts with spinach and dill vinaigrette. The dressing wasn’t overly oily and the dill worked well with the earthy beets and the punchy goats cheese. When I started writing about food 4 years ago I never thought that beets would end up being one of my favourite foods.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara was the next dish to arrive. Rich, rich, did I mention it’s rich? I love Carbonara but it’s not something I could eat often. Prosciutto, egg yolk, and Granda Padano wrapped up in tender spaghetti noddles. Slightly more oily than I’d anticipated but the deep, rich flavours were great.

Brasato al Valpolicella
Brasato al Valpolicella

The main course was Brasato al Valpolicella, red wine braised shortrib on the bone with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. The short rib is from Two Rivers Meats and is outstanding. Braised perfectly, seasoned well,  juicy, tender. The potatoes are rich and creamy and quite dense, not your average restaurant mash. This dish was a winner from start to finish.

Agavé Julep
Agavé Julep

Along with my food there were some great, original cocktails and bold red wine being served. My favourite was the Agavé Julep, a tequila based cocktail with mint, watermelon, simple syrup and soda.

Frangelico and chocolate cheesecake with biscotti crust
Frangelico and chocolate cheesecake with biscotti crust

Last but not least is dessert, Frangelico and chocolate cheesecake with biscotti crust. So decadent, so good. I’m a savoury guy so when a dessert wows me it has to be pretty great.

For all of you craft beer fans out there you’ll be glad to know that Sabatino’s has Fat Tug IPA and Whitebark Witbier from Driftwood Brewing on tap.

If you’re in the mood for Italian check out Sabatino’s Trattoria in South Surrey, it’s a nice spot and a bit of a hidden gem.

Twitter – @SabatinosYVR

Facebook – Sabatino’s Trattoria

Interwebz – sabatinostrattoria.com


*My food and drinks were provided at no charge by Sabatino’s for review purposes.


Quick Bite – Carl’s Jr!

Fast food is fast food, quick, cheap, not that great. Is that actually true? In most cases it is but there are a few exceptions. Five Guys and In and Out are both fantastic fast food joints but they also cost a little more than a Big Mac combo. A recent addition to Vancouver’s fast food scene, Carl’s Jr, takes a similar approach. Fast food that aims to be better than most but at a slightly higher cost. Does it all add up?



Located on Dunsmiur between Howe and Hornby, Carl’s Jr isn’t easily found if you don’t know it exists. I’ve had lunch there 2 or 3 times now and I’m not blown away by anything in particular. The best burger I’ve had is the Western Bacon Thickburger complete with an onion ring and a “fresh baked bun”. The regular Western Bacon Burger is pretty underwhelming but the trademark Thickburger version brings a larger beef patty with better seasoning and the bun is actually pretty good too.

If I were forced to compare Carl’s Jr to another fast food burger joint I’d say it reminds me of Burger King but more expensive.

The verdict? Carl’s Jr IS slightly better than most burger joints but I don’t see the extra dollars being worth it. I’d gladly pay the extra at Five Guys and for slightly less I’d rather have a Bacon Deluxe at Wendy’s.


Things I’ve eaten lately

I have the urge to write this fine spring evening. I haven’t been anywhere in awhile that deserves a full post but I have eaten some great stuff in some random places. I went digging through my Instagram pictures and picked out some winners.

Sesame crusted Ahi Tune from eighteen27 in Fort Langley
Sesame crusted Ahi Tune from eighteen27 in Fort Langley
Bigger Better Bacon Cheddar Burger from Earls on Smithe street.
Bigger Better Bacon Cheddar Burger from Earls on Smithe street.
Short rib breakfast bowl from Central City Brewpub in Surrey.
Short rib breakfast bowl from Central City Brewpub in Surrey.
Lamb Bacon BLT with Sriracha Mayo. Lamb bacon courtesy of John from the Hog Shack in Steveston.
Home made Lamb Bacon BLT with Sriracha Mayo. Lamb bacon courtesy of John from the Hog Shack in Steveston.
Prepping for the "black box" portion on the first BBQ competition of the year with John from the Hog Shack. Good times!
Prepping for the “black box” portion on the first BBQ competition of the year with John from the Hog Shack. Good times!
Fantastic ramen from Full Ramen in Surrey.
Fantastic ramen from Full Ramen in Surrey.
Shrimp Po Boy made by Rusty of Rusty's BBQ in a trailer at 10:30pm behind a barn in Chilliwack. It was delicious!
Shrimp Po Boy made by Rusty of Rusty’s BBQ in a trailer at 10:30pm behind a barn in Chilliwack. It was delicious!
Rusty enjoying one of his Po Boys.
Rusty enjoying one of his Po Boys.


Word to your mother.