Quick Bite – Chihuahua’s Mexican Grill

Tacos are great. Do any of you dislike tacos? Of course not. Earlier this year a new Mexican place opened up in the back of Malone’s on Seymour at Pender in Vancouver. The place caught my eye as I drove by late last week. Chihuahua’s has a quasi authentic Mexican menu offering up everything you’d expect to see in a north of the Mexican boarder Mexican joint. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and taco salad all with your choice of shredded beef, pulled pork, or chicken.


I opted for 3 tacos which set me back $9. One beef, one pork, one chicken. They were all fairly mediocre, generally under seasoned, and all 3 meats were quite dry. For $9 they were very filling so you shouldn’t leave hungry. Overall a fairly forgettable meal and not a place I’m in a hurry to revisit.

Walk a few blocks to La Taqueria and thank me later.

Twitter – @chihuahuasmex

Facebook – Chihuahua’s Mexican Grill

Web – chihuahuasmexicangrill.com



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