Jam Cafe – WFLBC in Victoria

There are few people who’s opinion on food I trust more than Steffani Cameron (@SnarkySteff). She recommended I check out Jam Cafe while I’m in Victoria this week so I did. Guess what, it’s awesome. Located in the Old Town area of downtown Victoria, Jam Cafe is a breakfast/lunch only place that closes everyday at 3pm. There’s almost always a wait to get a table so plan on an extra 20 minutes if you’re paying for parking.

The Jam.
The Jam.

Luckily I showed up right when a table was available. The menu is made up of unique, locally sourced dishes that fall squarely into the “comfort food” category. I ordered the Harrison Fernando, a buttermilk biscuit topped with chorizo, house made sausage gravy, and 2 sunny side eggs served with hashbrowns. If I was a religious man I would thank the good lord above for this breakfast. Rich, decadent, filling, complex yet somehow simple. If you come to Victoria this place has to be on your list. Also, you HAVE to try their sugar cured bacon.

The Harrison Fernando
The Harrison Fernando

Location – 542 Herald Street, Victoria BC.

Twitter – @jamcafevictoria

Facebook – Jam Cafe Victoria

Interwebz – jamcafevictoria.com



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