LG G4 Review

Photo – GSMArena

My month long test of the LG G4 Smartphone officially came to an end this morning as I packed up my demo phone and shipped it back to LG Canada. As a current LG G3 owner I was more than a little currious to see what was improved from a phone that was quite good to begin with. I won’t bore you with specs, you can find them on LG Canada’s website. What I will say is the Android 5.1 powered G4 is fast, powerful, has an amazing 4k screen, the battery lasts all day, and the cameras (both front and back) are outstanding.

Photo - Forbes.com
Photo – Forbes.com

The camera is a very important feature of any new smartphone and the G4 has a shooter with some interesting features for the hobbyist photographer. The rear sensor is 16mp and you get 8mp out front. The rear facing camera also has an f1.8 lens which means it’s good in low light. There’s a full manual mode along with 2 auto modes. The front camera has the same resolution as an iPhone’s rear camera so if you’re into selfies you’re going to be a happy camper. It has gesture control and different modes to light up your face and smooth your skin. A narcissist’s dream come true.

The biggest issue I have with the G3’s camera is the cheap plastic that covers the rear camera lens. It gets scratches on it that ruin low light shots with even the greatest of care and bulkiest of cases. Thankfully the G4 has replaced the plastic lens flare generator with hardened glass that showed no signs of scratching after a month in my pocket with no case.

I’m going to miss the G4, it’s quite a phone. Maybe LG Canada is looking for a product rep? I wouldn’t say no… Here are some sample images from my G4 test unit.

20150610_223944 20150609_090802_HDR 20150611_120601_HDR 20150611_160726_HDR 20150612_140435_HDR 20150617_082852 IMG_1661 IMG_1665 20150625_221659 20150626_133625


Thanks to LG Canada for the opportunity to test this phone!



Nosh by the Glowbal Group. First Impressions

Telus Garden, the sparkling new headquarters of the Canadian telecommunications giant, is nearly complete. Tenants have already started moving in and Nosh, a new cafe from the Glowbal Group, opened up this week in the wood and glass arched lobby. I had a chance to swing by incognito this morning to see what Nosh was all about.


Tucked away beside the elevator lobby, you have to cross the main lobby to find Nosh. If you enter at the corner of Georgia and Richards you might miss it. Once found you may have a hard time figuring out where to line up and/or order your food or coffee. The layout is awkward and it isn’t clear where you should go. I just sort of stood near the pastries until someone talked to me, which took more than a few minutes. I’m sure the customer service bump will be ironed out in time but the layout is something that will be hard to improve without proper signage.


I’m happy to see Driftwood Brewing on tap here. Draught beer at a cafe in the lobby of an office tower is not common and I wonder how much will be sold during weekday business hours. A bold move, and I like it.

Chorizo breakfast wrap
Chorizo breakfast wrap
I grabbed a drip coffee and a chorizo breakfast wrap. The coffee is good, nothing mind blowing but for drip it’ll do. The wrap… I’m conflicted. Egg, chorizo, sundried tomatoes, goats cheese (I think?). The flavours were great, the ingredients top quality, but it was ice cold in the middle. I don’t know why coffee shops/cafes can’t figure out that YOU CAN’T COOK A BREAKFAST WRAP ON A PANINI PRESS. I expect multi-chain coffee shops to not know how to cook stuff. I expect Glowbal Group restaurants to know how to cook stuff and that includes Nosh. You can’t tell me that this didn’t come up in pre-launch testing? What a letdown.


I’ll give Nosh another try soon, I work in the building so I’ll have ample opportunities. But please, PLEASE, figure out how to make that wrap hot all the way through. It’s not a one off, it’s a procedural problem. The panini press doesn’t cut it.


Quick Bite – Brunch at Kove Kitchen

Kove Kitchen, it’s one of my go to spots in Steveston for burgers, Belgian style beers, and waterfront views. I found out a while back that Kove does brunch, giggity! Brunch service runs weekends from 11am-3pm and features Kove’s awesome burgers along with breakfast dishes, small share plates and even a few salads ( what’s a salad?).

Fried Chicken and French Toast
Fried Chicken and French Toast

Kove does Fried Chicken and French Toast, a twist on the ever trendy fried chicken and waffles. You know what? French toast is better than waffles and I don’t care what you think about it. They soak up more syrup, they have a bit of cinnamon in the egg wash, and those 2 things send waffles crying to their mama. The fried chicken is made to order so you have to wait a bit but it’s worth it. tender, fresh, hot, well seasoned, good crunch. Really good fried chicken.

Kove Kitchen is located at 3900 Bayview street, right on the water tucked behind Hog Shack Cook House, in Richmond’s Steveston Village.

Twitter – @KoveKitchen

Facebook – thekovekitchen

Instagram – @kove_kitchen

I need to write more…