Mission Kitsilano – Grand Opening

There’s a new restaurant on West 4th. That statement is something that’s probably true on a monthly basis but this one feels a cut above. Mission has moved into the space formerly occupied by the short lived August Jack. The space has been transformed from a dark dungeon-like room into a bright, welcoming environment. Mission also comes with a few well respected names attached to it. Sommelier Chase McLeod and Chef Curtis Luk have teamed up to launch their first restaurant. Chase was formerly the GM at Fable and Curtis has worked as a chef at Fable, Bambudda, and The Parker as well as competing on Top Chef Canada.

Mission Kits - 2042 W 4th
Mission Kits – 2042 W 4th

The menu hits all the right notes. Farm to table, nose to tail, affordably priced prix fixe options along with a la carte dishes and great vegetarian choices.

Chef Curtis Luk
Chef Curtis Luk

Behind the bar you’ll find Justin Darnes, formerly of Pidgin, mixing some fantastic old school cocktails to compliment the finely tuned wine and beer selections.

Justin is the blurry guy in the background…


There’s a lot of talent at Mission and I can’t wait to check out one of their tasting menus in the near future.

The footrest at the bar is a train track… That’s cool.



Twitter – @missionkits

Facebook – Mission Kitsilano

Instagram – @missionkits

Interweb – missionkits.ca




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