Where I Ate In Auckland – Part Three – WFLNZ

The third an final instalment of “Where I Ate In Auckland” will be as hipster as beard glitter. Actually it won’t but that beard glitter stuff is making me consider shaving. I’ve already told you about Dogmatic and Federal Delicatessen which might as well be wearing a denim vest with patches sewn on. Let’s find some more hipster hot spots.

Brothers Juke Joint BBQ

I didn’t expect to find real southern BBQ in New Zealand. Juke Joint is located in Auckland’s Mount Eden neighbourhood a few blocks from the actual Mount Eden. It’s also super close to the train station making it easy to get to from most places around the city. The pulled pork sandwich and tater tots could’ve been right out of South Carolina. The mustard based sauce was fantastic and the pork was on par with anything I’ve had back home. I also tried their other meats, brisket, chicken, ribs, mutton, all solid. The mutton was incredible. Add the fact that Juke Joint is attached to Brother’s Brewery and I’m surprised I ever left.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich

Best Ugly Bagels

Located in the City Works Depot in Auckland, Best Ugly Bagels is another spot operated by Al Brown (of Federal Delicatessen and Depot Eatery). Montreal style bagels and damn good coffee, that’s what Best Ugly does. I had the Yodi, pastrami, habanero mustard, grilled swiss, and a pickle. bagel perfection.


The Yodi.
The Yodi.

Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar

Depot Eatery is known for oysters and wine so of course I went there for breakfast. A simple breakfast sandwich with eggs and bacon on a grilled bun and another outstanding cup of coffee.

20151116_093334_HDR (1)

Mexico Food and Liquor

With 7 locations around Auckland and beyond I was expecting a chain restaurant feel at Mexico Food and Liquor. It didn’t turn out that way though. The Takapuna location, in North Shore City across Waitemata Harbour from downtown Auckland, felt like an independant Tex Mex place. It’s a tapas style spot with smaller share plates. I shared with myself. I had Mexican Fried Chicken, with Central American/Tex Mex spices in the seasoned batter. It was boneless but it was still good (fried chicken should have bones though…).

Mmmmmm chicken.
Mmmmmm chicken.

The Black Bean and Smokey Bacon dip came with plantain chips. I wish more places here did that, tortilla chips are boring. There was also some cumin, orange, and queso to and some flair. A solid recommendation from the staff.

Black Bean Dip
Black Bean Dip

Last was the daily taco special. A fish taco! Chimichuri stewed fish (Hoki I think?), muscles, bacon, lettuce, mayo, and pickled green tomatoes. A very nice fish taco, good enough for me to order another.


Auckland’s food scene has something for everyone, even hipsters. Just don’t order sushi, anywhere, ever. It’s absolutely terrible.





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