Review – Soda Stream Source

Carbonated water is awesome. No really, it is. As someone who has recently abstained from alcohol it has been a great replacement for the ubiquitous after work beer I enjoyed on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes you just want something cold and carbonated. Pop (soda for my American friends) is loaded with sugar among other things so using it as a beer substitute is a horrible idea.


I started drinking San Pellegrino in place of my favourite alcoholic beverages but I was uncomfortable with the amount of glass I was pumping into my recycling bin. I was also not keen that Nestle owns San Pellegrino. Bottled still water is among the most pointless, wasteful things in modern society. I’d heard of Soda Stream and decided it was worth a try. I picked up the Source model at my local London Drugs on sale for $99.99, regularly $129.99.


Setup was a breeze. There are no cords, it is powered by a Co2 canister and only uses a built in battery to light the LED carbonation level indicator. It includes the machine, one Co2 canister good for 60L of carbonated water, and a carbonating bottle. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t read ALL of the instructions and I missed the part about the fill line on the bottle. Let’s just say it made a bit of a puddle on my counter. After filling the bottle to the proper level the Source worked flawlessly. All three carbonation levels are noticeably different and consistently delivered.

Co2 canister.

I may or may not try the flavours Soda Stream offers but I purchased it to replace store bought carbonated water and it does the trick. 750ml San Pellegrino costs $1.50-$2.00 per bottle, it doesn’t seem like a lot but it adds up and the glass saved is worth the initial investment. Over the long run this will be cheaper and better for the planet. Plus our tap water in Greater Vancouver is some of the best in the world and I’d much rather drink it than Italian fizz.



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