Vancouver Facial Hair Club. It’s real and it’s awesome.


Beards and moustaches are awesome. Women love them, men love having them and everyone loves touching them. Argue with me if you want but it’s science, I looked it up. The Vancouver Facial Hair Club is a group of great bearded/moustachioed guys, and girls who have an appreciation of the commitment it takes to maintain a healthy face full of luxurious hair. Do you like facial hair? Do you HAVE facial hair?? You’re in!

Devan and Garrett
Devan and Garrett. 

Come out to London Public House on Main Street for one of their meetups, I did, it was fantastic. Beards and beer is never a bad combo. For more information on when the group meets follow them on Twitter @VanFHC and check them out at . The next meetup is Wednesday August 14th at 6pm, BE THERE!