What’s for Lunch Global: Shanghai Airport Edition

May I introduce a new guest blogger, Russ. This marks his “writing anything, ever” debut. He’s a systems engineer and he’s currently working abroad in China. His crepes are soooooo good he puts me to shame, I’m hoping he’ll do a guest post for those one day. Oh, and I’m married to him ūüôā

When in need of some fast food when I first arrived in China from Vancouver, I stumbled upon¬†a KungFu restaurant at the ShangHai Pudong Airport.¬† Intrigued, I thought I would try¬†it out,¬†as an alternative to vastly more accessible and familiar KFCs.¬†¬† If you have ever been in a lineup at fast food restaurant in China, you will know it’s not really a line up. When one person has¬†finished ordering everyone else tries to be the next person to order, and it can be a little¬†overwhelming if you find yourself at the front of the line and you¬†have not really¬†decided what¬†to order.¬†¬†You¬†are not allowed to take up space at the front of the line if you are not ready to order. ¬†Orderly line-ups just take too much time…¬† I found myself hastily pointing at a picture¬†of a meal¬†and ordering a beef rice bowl combo.
The beef and onion steamed rice bowl was decidedly satisfying.¬† It was served with a side¬†of boiled lettuce salad dressed¬†with slightly salty and vinegary dressing.¬† I had never had boiled lettuce before, but surprisingly, it was very tasty, and I definitely could have used a larger portion.¬† A cool lemon iced-tea drink was a good choice when the outside temperature was more than 35 degrees …. and to top it all off, a nice view of Bruce Lee… Going head-to-head with Colonel Sanders of KFC right next door.¬†¬†While you can find KFCs¬†in China like Starbucks¬†in¬†Vancouver, a rice bowl is nice change from chicken burgers and fries when you need something quick.¬† And I do mean quick.¬† My order was filled before I had even thought I finished deciding what¬†I wanted.¬† In fact I did change my mind once, and they quickly swapped what was on the tray in front of me.¬† The decor is like that of most fast food places, but with a nice inspiring Bruce Lee keeping watch.¬† So if you ever find yourself passing through the Shanghai Pudong international airport, take a short stroll to this restaurant section near the Maglev train station.¬† You’ll find 2 KFCs, and of course KungFu.¬† You won’t be disappointed.¬† (pictures attached)
Bruce Lee is watching you
Beef Rice Bowl with Steamed Lettuce
Bruce Lee looks tense