Samsung goes after the only business Blackberry has left.

Remember Samsung’s “Next big thing” ads? You know, the ones showing hoards of Apple fans waiting in line for the latest and greatest iDevice while the guy with the Galaxy S3 was just there to hold a spot in line for his parents? Well Samsung is at it again but this time they’re going after Research In Motion an it’s beleaguered Blackberry devices in the Enterprise end of the market. The one saving grace that has kept Blackberry devices barely relevant is that they’re generally safer than other devices as far as encryption goes. This means you can share sensitive information on them with less fear of it falling into the wrong hands.


Well Blackberry, say hello to Samsung’s new “SAFE Protocols”. As reported on (my favourite Canadian mobile industry site) “SAFE is Samsung’s play for the Enterprise, bringing high-level encryption, Microsoft ActiveSync support, enhanced VPN capabilities and multiple vendor profiles so your Galaxy device is compatible with most MDM deployments”. What that means is you can now handle all of you sensitive business on a device that you can actually admit to your friends is yours. No more “This is just my work phone” lies, you get to use a real phone!!! The Galaxy S3 and Note 2 will be SAFE compatible.

Check out the awesome “Unicorn Apocalypse” ad Samsung made to announce their new SAFE Protocols.

Heston and Rochele, I wrote this for you 🙂