Beer Review, Molson M

I like beer a lot, maybe even as much as I like food. Big talk but spend a few hours with me at a pub and you’ll see that I’m serious. I recently had the opportunity to try Molson’s new beer named M. When I tried it I was on stop number four of a pub crawl so my initial impressions may have been a little skewed by my level of intoxication. Lyndsey picked up a case for me today so I thought I would tell you what I think about it while I’m sober.

Molson M is a 4.9% “Microcarbonated” lager. It won a gold medal at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards in the North American Premium Lager category beating out Premium Lager, Muskoka Cottage Brewery (ON) and Island Lager, Vancouver Island Brewing (BC). Not bad from a mega brewery not know for winning awards. Microcarbonation is a trademarked process that makes tiny bubbles similar to champagne but less noticeable on the tongue. The beer has a slightly sweeter more malt based flavor than Molson Canadian with a hint of caramel and is far easier to drink. The Gold medal is a bit of a mystery to me though, I don’t see this beer being anywhere near as good as Island Lager but lager’s are all a little “Wonderbread” to keep them accessible to beer drinkers who are a little less adventurous.

Over all a good lager, better that most other Molson products but there are better options out there. Don’t be shy, drink craft beer, it will blow you away.