Movie review – Star Trek Into Darkness


Movie reviews are not a normal thing for us to cover here at WFLBC, that being said I am a lifelong Star Trek fan and I feel sufficiently qualified to chat about the latest instalment in the Star Trek franchise. Let me start by saying that if I weren’t a lifelong Star Trek fan this review would read quite differently. This is a fantastic action movie with an entertaining (if not slightly preposterous) story, characters true to the originals and lots of drama, explosions, laughs, fights and fabulous special effects. Part of me wishes that I could see this film without my knowledge of the original Star Trek TV series and its 6 movies, but I can’t so here it goes.


This movie was WAY too predictable. Kirk breaking the Prime Directive right off the bat, losing command of the Enterprise only to get it back within 15 minutes upon Pike being killed by the villain who turns out to be Star Trek’s most famous villain, Khan. The fact that they trot out Kahn in the second instalment of the Star Trek reboot seems like it was too soon. The movie plays out like a fever dream version of the second original Star Trek film, The Wrath Of Khan. It even goes so far as to have Kirk and Spock trade places in the scene in which Spock dies in Star Trek 2, only to be resurrected in Star Trek 3 on the Genesis Planet. This time it’s the scientifically engineered blood of Khan that saves Kirk from death due to radiation exposure.

star trek into darkness 650 paramount

This movie is set up – punchline over and over and anyone with any knowledge of Star Trek 2 will see right through the plot twists. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this movie a lot but it seems like they took the easy route by rehashing an old story instead of trying something new like they did with the first installment of the reboot which featured a new villain (Nero) and a lot of unexpected events like the destruction of Vulcan.


I hope the third film in this series breaks some new ground. As usual the cast was excellent. Simon Pegg as Scotty stole the show with his subtle humor and the relationship dynamic between Commander Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Lieutenant Uhura (Zoe Saldana) played out well with some laughs and some real emotion from Spock.


I give this film 3 Tribbles out of 5.