WFLBC Product Review, Kohler Flipside

Not being called “What’s For Lunch BC” any more has given me a new found freedom to write about whatever I want. Why not go as far away from food as I can and review a shower head! The last shower head I installed was a Brasscraft wallet friendly unit that had 3 settings. It cost less than $20 but was mostly plastic and it broke while trying to tighten it to stop a leak from the threaded coupling (which was made of plastic).

The Flipside's 4 spray patterns
The Flipside’s 4 spray patterns

This time I decided that I wouldn’t worry about cost and pick a shower head that would last. The Kohler Flipside boasts all metal construction, a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate (there’s also a 2 gpm model) and is available in wall mount or handheld versions. Its polished chrome finish is durable and easy to clean and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Flipside is a pretty cool piece of engineering with unique rotating head changing between its four spray patterns easily. It kind of looks like an old fashioned radio microphone. Check out the video to see it in action.

Of the four spray patterns Kotton and Kurrent are very similar and as a tall person they feel the same, the other two patterns are quite different. Koverage is a traditional shower pattern and Komotion is a nice circular spray but be warned, if you try it with the shower curtain/door open you’ll have a wet floor.

Verdict – If it lasts a long time it’ll be worth the money. It is a cool piece of engineering that works very well.

The Kohler Flipside retails for around $60 – $80 (wall mount) and $110 – $150 (handheld) and is available wherever Kohler products are sold.