Behind Sapphire at Go Go Beans in Abbotsford

Music isn’t my usual subject matter but I do love it, maybe more than food (gasp!!). I made a last minute trip out to Abbotsford tonight to see Behind Sapphire, a Vancouver based pop/folk band. I met my pal Dylan and his wife there, yes the real More Than A Feeling music blogger himself! The venue was a little coffee shop called Go Go Beans who make a killer Americano, a very intimate setting to say the least.

The band played a nice set starting with “Oh My, What A Fine Day” off of their self titled debut album, very beautiful song with haunting vocals and a great harmonies. The whole set was solid and finished with a fully unplugged performance of “Nearer My God to Thee” which sounded fantastic. It reminded me of seeing Fran Healy do a fully unplugged set at The Vogue last year.

I kind of get the feeling that in the near future I’ll be telling people that I saw Behind Sapphire play at a coffee shop in Abbotsford and they won’t believe me. Great song writing and great story telling equal a great show. Thanks to VanCityAmy for posting their video a while back so I could discover them. I see big things in their future.